Asif Ali Gohar’s Cross-breeding Skills Aims to Take Tulips to the Next Level

One of the most talked-about rose grower of Pakistan, Asif Ali Gohar, born in 1980, has proven his talent in the country’s gardening industry. The father of two has become a prominent figure in his hometown, the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Asif Ali Gohar spends most of his time working for their family-owned floral shop in the country and has been doing so for over a decade. He has made headlines recently with his latest development, the Gohar rose.

Asif Ali Gohar always envisioned to bring something unique for his customers, he was determined to do so no matter how long it would take. Creating a new variety of roses is no easy task, but Asif Ali Gohar was certainly up for the challenge. His life revolves around his flowers — he spent a copious amount of time through experimentation of various cross-breeding techniques between different roses. It took him a couple of years to achieve the exact rose he was looking for, so it was only noble for the town to name the rose after its creator. Hence, the Gohar rose.

The Gohar rose received immense success nationwide as customers were amazed to see such an exquisite rose that was created in their own home country. Asif’s family floral shop consisted of loyal clients that have been purchasing from the store for several years. According to Asif, if the Gohar rose’s launch was not well received by his very own clients, he would trust their opinion, pull it out of the store, and close the chapter. However, the exact opposite happened. The Gohar rose was not only able to gain new customers in Asif’s Lahore-based floral shop, but he started receiving requests for the Gohar rose from neighboring cities and even other countries.

The Gohar rose is an interesting crossbreed between a Rosa Chinensis with the Rosa Multiflora. The autumn season is best for the Gohar rose’s plantation, and gardeners have strictly followed Asif’s timeline to ensure that the rose will maintain its full-bloom look that customers absolutely adore. Asif was also able to make the stems of the Gohar rose much longer, and it leaves slightly larger. The Gohar rose is available in multiple colors, to make sure there is a color for every customer out there.

In terms of price, the Gohar rose is relatively affordable compared to flowers priced on the higher end, such as orchids. This is because Asif Ali Gohar valued accessibility over profits. It was more important for him to have the rose brighten up many of his customers’ homes instead of changing a hefty price with only the wealthy class being able to regularly purchase it.

Most recently, flower fanatics across Pakistan are overjoyed when news about Asif Ali Gohar’s latest development broke out. His next project will be the creation of a novel variety of tulips. Crossbreeding tulips are certainly more ambitious compared to roses. As usual, Asif Ali Gohar confirms he is up for the challenge. His vision towards innovation, patience, and hard work are all key elements that make him the successful rose grower he is today.

Successfully launching his new typology of tulips may take several years. His goal involves inventing a new Fosteriana Tulip. Some of Asif’s loyal clients have inquired at the floral shop whether pre-orders for the new tulip can be made, representing the amount of trust they have in Asif’s creative work. Many professional gardeners across the globe started to seek guidance from the renowned innovator. Asif Ali Gohar will continue to amaze the world with his stunning combinations of roses and tulips in the flower industry.

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